Brompton Folding Bicycle - P3L -
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Brompton Folding Bicycle - P3L

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The P3L is a steel, 3 speed Brompton set up for long hauls. This bike features Brompton's new, dual position touring bars which allow for an unpright, or dropped riding position. This can be very advantageous for those who plan to take there Brompton long distances, as having two riding poistions reduces muscle fatigue, and in the 'drop' position wind resistance is greatly reduced. The P3L has the new Brompton brake levers which include a reach adjuster to fit hands of all sizes. Also included are fenders, mudguards and the Brompton folding pedal. This bike is great choice for a long distance folder. The Brompton folding bike is easy to fold and a pleasure to ride, a Brompton is the belle of the ball wherever it goes. Way too cool to be impressed by Colnago's and Pinarello's, the Brompton folding bike is a design masterpiece. Every part is specifically engineered to make riding and folding the bike an absolute joy. It's the thoughtful details that separate the Brompton from other folding bikes. It's absolutely elegant, without a bit of clunkiness. The bikes fold in on themselves to hide the chain and protect your clothing, and that of other commuters, from unsightly grease stains. The Sachs 3 speed hub is indestructible and will allow you to switch gears even while standing still, a great feature for stop and go city riding. When completely folded down, the Brompton can be checked as airline luggage without paying extra fees. In the half folded position, the Brompton can stand upright, the perfect way to park while enjoying some coffee at an outdoor cafe. It's easy to carry using the seat as a handle, and with the Brompton cover no one will even know it's a bicycle. The Brompton folding bike goes everywhere: the store, the park, far away places and even the coat check at the Metropolitan Museum. Brompton bicycles carry a five year warranty on the frames and a two year warranty on all the other parts

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