Brompton M6R-NYC Folding Bicycle -
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Brompton M6R-NYC Folding Bicycle

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The Brompton M6R offers the comfortable M-style handlebar and 6 speeds. The M-style handlebar allows for a somewhat upright riding position for most riders and can be slightly rotated backwards to change the reach. The six-speed set up is a dual-drive system, employing both the two-speed derailleur and the three-speed hub. This adds a little bit of weight, but offers benefits in exchange. With six speeds, most hills should be a breeze. Its wide gear range allows it to tackle uphill, downhill and flat ground riding. The M6R can be ridden in any setting. This model is meant to be taken longer distances. The Schwalbe Marathon tires are durable and flat resistant, which makes the bike great for any and all rides. It includes fenders, to protect your clothes from the mud and wet conditions on the road. This model also includes a rear rack, for carrying luggage, shopping bags, groceries, or anything else you can imagine. The rear rack includes four 'easy wheels,' which allow the bike to be pushed and pulled like a cart when folded with great ease. About the tires...Tires can make or break a ride. The wrong tires can make a bike feel sluggish and uncomfortable. We stock our Bromptons with the best tires available for their specific purpose. Schwalbe Marathon Racer tires offer light weight, little rolling resistance, and good grip in all kinds of road conditions. In addition, a built-in kevlar belt offers extra puncture resistance. They let you ride with confidence on any road, and add to the overall Brompton experience.

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