Buddy Bike Adult-Child 27-Speed Aluminum SPORT Tandem -
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Buddy Bike Adult-Child 27-Speed Aluminum SPORT Tandem

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Buddy Bike provides a unique design.
Buddy bike puts your child up front but keeps you in the driver's seat!
Buddy Bike utilizes an exclusive and innovative design with an extra set of handles on the handlebars for your child, an extra rear brake for safety and gears connected to your child's pedals.

The two of you push together, steer together and, what's even better, connect with each other!

Cycling enthusiasts and taller adult riders will enjoy Buddy Bike Sport BB104-AL-27. The sport utilizes a Shimano Deore 27 speed hub, Tektro IO disc brakes plus one Tektro U-brake for the stoker for more braking power and a Pletscher bi-pod kickstand for stability.
With a wide range of gears for better climbing, increased rear rider leg room, a suspension fork and thinner, slicker tires, Buddy Bike Sport will provide a smoother ride with less rolling resistance.
High polished silver frame color.

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The unique handlebar setup of the Buddy Bike allows the front rider to feel all of the steering movements, while the leverage inherent in the extended rear handlebars gives the rear rider total control. Front and rear brakes and the shifters are included in that control.

The front rider holds onto the smaller set of bars, which also have rear braking capacity.
Both sets of handlebars are adjustable.
The rear set can be moved up and down, depending on the rider's preference, and the front set can be moved backwards and forwards, depending on the rider's reach.

Children can easily hold onto the handlebars and stay seated and balanced, but for the child who can't quite reach the pedals we have optional fold out foot pegs which attach to the frame.
Many kids aged five to eight fit that description.
The adjustable seats make it a snap to fit riders of all dimensions.

  • Weight (lbs) : 26 - 50
  • Weight (lbs) : 26 - 50
  • # of Wheels : Two
  • Carry Limit (lbs) : 101 - 150
  • Wheel Size (in) : 26”
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