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Busetti Vortex 60 Mile 1400 Watt 9 Speed Electric Mountain Bike

Discontinued by Manufacturer
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The Vortex 60 Mile 1400 Watt 9 Speed Electic Mountain Bike is brought to you by Busetti, a leading manufacturer of Electric Bikes and related products. This vehicle boasts heavy duty front shocks & front and back disc brakes for rough terrain. For people who ride on Rough roads or trails the Vortex is much more durable with extra wide super tires.

The Vortex uses much less power than other bikes to stay at a high cruising speed. Pedaling the VORTEX at above 25 mph is smoother and easier than any bike in the Busettii line. People who commute down long straight roads everyday will LOVE the VORTEX because of the High top speed cruising ability.

Electric Bikes are also commonly referred to as E-Bikes; most are basically bicycles with electric motors used to power them.  This type of vehicle is perfect for meeting all of your short-distance transportation needs like running errands or commuting to work. If you are a student, they are great for getting around campus. One of the best things about this particular mode of transportation is that it is very versatile. If you feel like getting some exercise, you can just pedal.

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          5 of 5 stars Busettii has the best performance we have tested

This Vortex bike has been really great for commuting because it can cruise at 30 mph no problem, and can get lots of miles per charge. Its made in the USA so the Chinese e-bikes are spending lots of money bashing this e-bike and making up fake reviews. On sites like E-bay where only real buyers can make reviews then Busettii has over 200 positive reviews and zero negative reviews. But on sites where anyone can just come is and make a review the Chinese are bashing this USA made e-bike. I have tested lots of e-bikes and Busettii has the best motor and battery so far. That is why you see rival companies bashing Busettii and making up spam because USA Busettii is a real threat to their Chinese made bikes. ---Why settle for weak 36 volt 10 ah when you can have 52 volt 15 ah battery and motor ? Busettii has geared motors and Deep cycle lithium , the Chinese do not. Really sad that fake reviews are smearing such a great bike just because its made in the USA. Pete

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