Busettii Big 50 Mile 1400 Watt 18 Speed Electric Folding Bicycle -
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Busettii Big 50 Mile 1400 Watt 18 Speed Electric Folding Bicycle

Discontinued by Manufacturer
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Introducing the Busettii Big 50 Mile Electric Folding Bicycle. This beautiful Electric Bicycle combines the efficiency of the Electric Bicycle and combines it with the convience of a folding Bicycle. For those of you are are not familiar with these categories of Bikes, here are some helpful rules of thumb.

 Firstly, a Bolding Bike is simply a Bicycle that folds up. These bikes are perfect for those who commute or need too board crowded trains or have a small living space. The parts making up the folding mechanisms vary between bikes, but they all tend to be very compact, light weight and durable. Secondly, Electric Bicycles are basically bicycles with electric motors used to power them. One of the best things about this particular mode of transportaion is that it is very versatile. If you feel like getting some exercise, you can just pedal. If you find yourself getting tired, just go electric!

The Busetti Big 50 Mile Electric is the best of both worlds. And it comes with a ton of assorted features, including Super Lithium Polymer Battery 52 volts 13 amp hours, 600 watts nominal 1600 watts Max power Busettii motor. Add front shocks, Disc brakes, super large crank sprocket, Zoom handle bars.The Busetti can ride 50--70 miles on a battery charge with high speed charger, as well as ride up big steep hills with no pedaling or even faster with pedaling.

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