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Crystalyte Phoenix Racer 4840 Electric Bicycle Conversion Kit

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Are you looking for a fast and efficent urban commuting vehicle? Then look no further, the Phoenix Racer 4840 Electric Bike Conversion Kit converts a typical pedal bicycle into an excellent environmentally friendly commuting machine. With the Phoenix Racer, you don't need to know anything about electrical wiring or deal with head-ache inducing instructions. Your system is shipped pre-wired for fast, painless installation. Just replace your standard front wheel with the electric wheel, attach the throttle and cruise control (optional on some models) to your handlebar, attach the power bag to your rack (rack included), plug in the connectors, and speed away. The Phoenix Racer 48-volt system is available on 20, 24, 26 inch front wheel and 26 inch back wheel. 
No license or no insurance is needed with an electric bike. And parking problems problems are a thing of the past; go anywhere you can ride a pedal bike and use the motor alone, pedal, or use both at the same time. Batteries and charger included. 
The Phonix Racer 4840 gets 8-10 miles using 12AH batteries, no pedaling, and regular city traffic. Adding pedal power helps, particularly at start-up. A rider willing to do some pedaling and keep speed under 20 MPH may get 25 or more miles on a charge. As with a car, the faster you take-off and the faster you run, the more fuel per mile you will use. The Phoenix is the most powerful motor available for a bike. The Phoenix Racer on a 26" wheel with a fully inflated street tire is about all a 180 lb rider can manage on a dry, paved surface. You won't be able to ride at full speed in urba traffic. This system surpasses power and speed limits established by the federal law that defines a bicycle, so ride on-road at your own risk. This is a complete system; nothing else to buy. The Phoenix Racer 4840 is wonderful for high speed riding, hard surfaces with "normal" grades, or when you have a small wheel diameter. The motor is wound more for speed than torque, yet it reaches 36 MPH in 19 seconds and will spin easily in gravel or road debris with the 4840 controller. A racing slick tire which takes sustained high speed and reduce rolling resistance is recommended. Range (distance per charge) depends on many factors including tire tread pattern, tire pressure, weight of rider, wind, hills, stop-and-go, rider driving habits.  Choose a bike with good brakes, inspect them often, and replace worn shoes or pads as needed. You'll be putting a lot more miles on an electric bike than a pedal bike, and brakes become very important at the speeds you will reach. Crystalyte kits include an electric motor mounted in the hub of the wheel, speed controller, key switch, connectorized wiring, fuse, batteries, charger, throttle with gauge (thumb or twist - your choice), wire ties, rack, battery bag, cruise control, brake inhibits. There is nothing else to buy. The entire kit comes pre-wired. There are three motors in the Phoenix Series. They are all brushless motors and are the same physical size. They can be used with either 36 volt (3640) or 48 volt 40 amp (4840) controllers. Phoenix front motors are available on 20 inch, 24 inch, 26 inch, and 700c wheels. Rear 7-speed wheels are available in 26 inch. Other rear wheel sizes available by special order. Dropout width is 100mm for front wheels and 135mm for rear 7-speed wheels. The axle is 9mm in diameter. Phoenix motors are 75 mm wide, extending 100 mm up the fork from the axle. Weight is 23.5 pounds laced to the rim.
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