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Crystalyte RoadRunner 4820 Electric Bicycle Conversion Kit

Discontinued by Manufacturer
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The RoadRunner 4820 Electric Bike Conversion Kit  conversts favorite pedal bicycle into a great non-polluting commuting vehicle. Electric Bikes are an ideal solution to short-distance commuting to the office, campus or the store to run errands.  With the RoadRunner 4820, cyclists don't need to bother with translating confusing instruction manuals. We ship the system already wired for a fast, easy installation. Just replace your standard front wheel with our electric wheel, attach the throttle and cruise control (optional on some models) to your handlebar, attach the power bag to your rack (rack included), plug in the connectors, and ride. The Roadrunner 4820 48-volt system is available on 16, 20, 24, 26 inch front wheel. 
This vehicle requires no license or no insurance to operate. Because riders can go anywhere they can take a pedal bike, parking is rarely an issue. Traffic jams are practically unheard of. Cyclists can use the motor alone, pedal, or use both at the same time. Batteries and charger included. This is a complete system, and there is nothing else to purchase. 
RoadRunner motors are brushless, meaning the energy is transferred to the motor in a more sophisticated and efficient way. RoadRunner motors have no brushes to wear out, but brushes last a long time. The major benefit that the brushless motor is more efficient, meaning you get more miles per charge.
Range (distance per charge) depends on many factors including tire tread pattern, tire pressure, weight of rider, wind, hills, stop-and-go, rider driving habits. You can expect 10-14 miles from the RoadRunner using 10AH batteries, no pedaling, regular city traffic, running as hard and fast as we can. Adding pedal power helps, particularly at start-up. An advanced cyclist willing to do some pedaling and keeping speed under 20 MPH may get more than 20 miles on a charge. As with a car, the faster you take-off and the faster you run, the more fuel per mile you will use.
RoadRunner front motors are available on 16 inch, 20 inch, 24 inch and 26 inch wheels. Rear 7-speed and 8-speed wheels are available by special order. Dropout width is 100mm for front wheels and 135mm for rear wheels. The axle is 9mm in diameter. RoadRunner motors are 75 mm wide, extending 65 mm up the fork from the axle. Weight is 15.5 pounds laced to the rim. 
Crystalyte kits include an electric motor mounted in the hub of the wheel, speed controller, key switch, connectorized wiring, fuse, batteries, charger, throttle with gauge (thumb or twist - your choice), wire ties, rack, battery bag, cruise control, brake inhibits. There is nothing else to buy. The entire kit comes pre-wired.
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