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Currie iZip Path Commuter

Discontinued by Manufacturer
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When you look at the iZip Path electric bicycle you don't see the "electric" part right away. You just see the "bicycle" part, and a really nice one at that. That's exactly what we love about it - subtlety.

Many of the more powerful electric bicycles we've carried will have all sorts of boxy frames with big beefy motors and batteries that stick out like a sore thumb compared to a normal bicycle. Not so with the beautifuliZip Path. While it absolutely has the power to help you ride up hills with ease, start off more easily. and ride longer without tiring, this european styled electric bicycle does it all without making a big splash. It just works - and looks great doing it.

Features of the iZip Zuma Electric Bike:

  • Electric system is almost invisible, hidden in the classic bicycle styling
  • Weighs just 52 lbs, easier to put on a bicycle rack
  • Upright Riding Position with Comfortable Saddle
  • Speed up to 20 mph with simple Assist or Throttle operation
  • Range up to 15-20 miles with pedaling
  • Large Capacity 10Ah Lithium-ion Battery (removable for charging on or off bike)


The iZip Path electric bike uses a lower power 250 watt motor. This is already way more powerful than the average bicycle rider and the assistance is easily felt as you accelerate quickly from the first pedal stroke. The quiet motor, obscured and hidden by the gearing and disc brakes attached to the rear wheel, can push you right up to 20 mph with some pedaling! You don't have to pedal though, CurrieTech has incorporated a simple Throttle as well, just in case you want to cruise without pedaling.

If you want the assit of an electric bicycle without the look of a big electric bicycle the iZip Path is the way to go. The stylish frames and rear rack mounted batteries are the perfect combination of function and form. Enjoy a beautiful day with your new iZip Path electric bicycle.

  • Speed (mph) : 20 - 24
  • Range (miles) : 20 - 24
  • Motor (watts) : 401 - 600w
  • Weight (lbs) : 76 - 100
  • # of Wheels : Two
  • Wheel Size (in) : 700C
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