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Dahon Matrix|BionX powered electric folding bike

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The Dahon Matrix Bionx offers another excellent option in electric folding bikes. Not only are you getting the high-quality and durable Dahon Matrix folding bike, but you're also getting a top of the line Bionx electric bike kit. You gain the benefits of electric assistance and the portability and compactness of a folding bike, greatly transforming your ride.

The Dahon Matrix offers a comfortable ride, a beautiful design, and 24-speeds that will cover any type of riding you might do, whether it be up and down steep hills or across long stretches of flat ground. The Dahon Matrix provides the durability of a mountain bike and the speed of a road bike. Its fork suspension makes for a smooth ride no matter how many potholes you face, it features durable, flat resistant tires, and its Shimano disc brakes allow for safe all-weather riding. With a full-size frame, you will get a full-size fit and ride.

The Bionx electric motor system is customized for this particular folding bike and has options of a 250 Watt or 350 Watt motor (of continuous power and a peak of 400Watt/700Watt.) If you are a rider of average weight and your commute is mostly on flat ground, the 250W motor would be the option best suited for you. If you're above average weight, plan on lugging a lot of bags or heavy objects, or live in an area with a lot of steep hills, the 350W motor would be a better selection. Both versions of the Bionx kit come with both pedal activated assistance and throttle assistance modes. The Bionx conversion kit offers an excellent range per charge. Using the bike's regular gearing in conjunction with the electric assistance just makes it that much more effective.

The battery is Lithium Ion (Li-Ion), which is a simple, lightweight power source. It will fully recharge within two to four hours (five to six hours if it was completely drained) and requires very little maintenance. The battery can be charged on or off the bike, and the smart charger won't over-charge it; you can leave it plugged in overnight and not worry about it. The removable battery locks into place on a bracket anchored on the water bottle mount on the frame (keeping it out of the way) and the control console is easily accessed right on the handlebar.

The Dahon Matrix folds with quite some ease. Using an included ergonomic hex key, you simply loosen a couple of bolts on the folding hinge and the frame can fold in half. The entire process takes about thirty seconds. The folding hinge on the frame is virtually invisible, making it so that no one will even know you're on a folding bike. The folded package comes to 13.7" x 37.8" x 33.2". For an even more compact package, you can easily pop off the quick release wheels as well. This is perfect if you're looking to put the bike in the trunk of a car, store it in your apartment, take it on an elevator, or bring it into your place of work.

The Dahon Matrix and the Bionx electric bike kit are a great combination if you're looking for a wide range of levels of effective electric assistance on a durable, full-size folding bike great for all kinds of riding conditions. The converted bike comes with everything you need.

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