Dahon MuP8 Electric Bike With P250 BionX Electric Motor System -
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Dahon MuP8 Electric Bike With P250 BionX Electric Motor System

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The Dahon MuP8 Conversion is one of the most petite and light-weight folding electric bicycles out there. The Dahon Conversion can be folded in about 20 seconds into a size roughly 13" x 25" x 30". It has an impressive range of 20-30 miles and either a pedelec or throttle console. The Dahon Conversion is the ideal bike for the commuter or urban rider who wants the assistance of an electric bicycle without the usual heaviness and bulky size.

The electric motor system has selections of a 250Watt or 350Watt continuous power and a peak of 400Watt/700Watt, enough power for most cyclists. The battery options are Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH) or Lithium Ion (Li-Ion) which will fully recharge within 4 hours and also recharges when the brakes are applied or when set to Generation Mode.

The folding of the bicycle requires the loosening of 4 clasps and the bicycle collapses to its folded size without removing any of the wheels or adjusting any of the gears. The wires are out of the way and do not obstruct the folding and require no special attention in the folding process. The folded bicycle rests on its two wheels and seat post, which conceals a bicycle pump.

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