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db0 Folding Electric Bike

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The db0 folding electric bicycle is the latest product by DK City and ROBRADY. The name stands for "Divided By Zero." It possesses a lustrous look and a potent kick, with a pedal-assist to assist you in riding up those rough hills. For the most awesome electric bike that will stand out in a crowd, the db0 just can’t be beat.

The db0 folding electric is two bikes in one! It's a folding bike with a compact shape, so it fits into smaller places like storage closets and car trunks. It's also a Lithium-based electric bike, with a 250 Watt motor providing assistance as the rider pedals the bike. Did we mention it looks sweet?

db0 folding electric bike is loaded with an assortment of impressive features, including 3 modes of torque-sensitive pedal-assist, internal 3-speed internal hub gears to climb steep hills, simple 10-second folding process. Not to mention that it has a very snazzy design!

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