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E-Glide Aluminum A/T Off-Road Electric Skateboard

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Built in the USA.

The new Aluminum A/T Off-Road Electric Skateboard is the fastest and most powerful electric skateboard / powerboard ever offered to the public.

An aluminum deck for the A/T (all terrain) Powerboard.

This new .25 inch thick aluminum plate deck has been laser cut, and concave has been added by hydraulic pressing.
48 inch Dewey Weber Canadian Maple deck 

The result is a wider deck, 14 inches wide, which provides additional leverage when turning the stiff A/T. 
Carving is much easier, and more pronounced. The aluminum deck creates a powerboard that is much tighter and smoother than the standard wood deck.

It's massive power is generated by "industrial" grade European electronics, and a powerful 800 watt/ 1200 watt peak power 36 volt motor.
Do not confuse this powerboard with the Chinese imports.
This E-Glide A/T will out accelerate, out climb, and reach higher speeds than any other electric skateboard in the world.

+ 0-25 MPH in four second performance! (with high pressure street slicks)
+ Extra powerful braking and controlled RPM downhill riding
+ 12 mile-15 mile range on flats
+ Unreal power, torque and speed, this powerboard is SCARY!
+ Board comes equipped with all terrain pneumatic tires.
+ Kenda high pressure (85psi) street slicks are available (optional) for higher performance
+ One year manufacturer's warranty on electronics.

European made electronics provides and insures the most advanced, reliable, and trouble free electronics of any electric skateboard produced anywhere in the world today.

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