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E-Glide Sector 9 Electric Powerboard / EGlide Skateboard

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By popular demand, Crossbow USA, Inc. now builds custom powerboards utilizing decks made by Sector 9.

The Sector 9 44 inch board is popular amongst skateboard purists.

Our new Sector 9 46 inch "Pintail Bamboo" deck features a "W" concave and mild camber. Deck is finished with clear grip tape.

0-20 MPH in four second performance!
A VARIABLE SPEED, high torque, 400 watt electric motor is utilized for maximum efficiency and minimal power drain. Mind blowing, wheel spinning acceleration, and stop right now electric braking are insured by this powerful motor.
UNHEARD of 12-15 mile range per charge on the flats.
STATE OF THE ART English made electronics provides and insures the most advanced, reliable, and trouble free electronics of any electric skateboard produced anywhere in the world today. We now offer an unheard of one year warranty on electronics.
HIGH SPEED STABILITY is the result of our extra large 4 inch diameter solid wheels, the largest wheels on any skateboard made.
OVERSIZED TORSION TRUCKS allow a seven foot turning radius.
CABLE CONNECTED remote control gun offers reliable, precise, power and braking without interferance. Our cables are specially made for us by Conquest Sound Labs and utilize DIN/MIDI plugs and jacks for reliability.
ONE YEAR WARRANTY on electronics.

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