E-Wheels EW-280 Electric Scooter - $255.00
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E-Wheels EW-280 Electric Scooter

Discontinued by Manufacturer
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The E-Wheel EW-280 has easy balance, designer colors and great value. This E-Wheels Electric Scooter presents you a 140 Watt electric motor + 2 batteries equaling 24 output volts and you get all of this under an Aluminum deck. The E-Wheel EW-280 can reach speeds up to 10 mph with 6-8 miles per charge.

The EW-280 rides on the most recent technology and possesses 6" tires, plastic mag wheels, and features a rear drum braking system. This baby is made of high tension steel, the deck is made of Aluminum for outstanding durability.

The EW-280 is ideal for smaller kids and effortlessly folds and locks in the folded position for storage or transportation. It will fit in the trunk of any car and could probably fit into a school locker if the need should arise. The EW-280 is reliable and tough. It can tolerate all kinds of abuse that young kids usually dish out and can be used every day with no problems.

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