Electraped Wentz Lithium Ion Electric Trike (Tricycle/Bicycle) -
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Electraped Wentz Lithium Ion Electric Trike (Tricycle/Bicycle)

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Product Description This Light Electric Vehicle offers the fun of a tricycle with the power of an electric motor, all wrapped up in a quiet riding and decidedly stylish design. Electraped calls this model the "Eric." This trike is unique in that it has a throttle for when you don't feel like pedalling and just want "scooter mode." OR you can put it in "assist" mode, and it will run the motor to propel you WHILE you pedal! Another interesting feature is a lever by the right hand. Flip this, and the trike's front can lean left to right without affecting the back wheels. This is for those who like the "leaning" feeling of a moped. Flip it back, and the trike is solid, without the "lean." Top Speed: 12 Mph Range: 12 miles. Dependent on rider weight, pedaling and terrain. Vehicle weight: 85 pounds, including 10.5 pound battery Battery type: Lithium Operating voltage: 36V Motor Power: 250W Brake type: Front and rear disc brakes. Rear Servo brake and front V-brake. Wheels: 20" front wheel, 16" back wheels Articulating steel frame with torsion bar for easy cornering

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