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Electric Bike Factory Front Wheel Conversion Kit

Discontinued by Manufacturer
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The Electric Bike Factory Electric Conversion Kit is a favorite with police and security agencies using "mountain bikes" as the placement of the motor does not interfere with other equipment. 10's of thousands of kits are sold each year.

The Electric Bike Factory has made the kit simple to install. The ONLY tools necessary are:

* A flat blade screwdriver with a minimum of 1/4' wide blade.
* A #2 or #3 Phillips type screwdriver.
* A pair of standard slip joint pliers.
* A small adjustable crescent wrench.
* Strong scissors or cutting tool to trim wire ties.


* 500 Watts Load shipped anywhere.
* 12 Volt, 18 Amp Sealed Acid Battery.
* 6500 RPM Rechargeable up to 300 times.
* Made in USA!

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