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EV Rider Elite

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The lightest scooter that we carry--just 64 pounds total--the Elite is truly a portable scooter. Its unique design features no connectors, latches or other tricky mechanisms making it simple to fold and disassemble. When folded, the scooter measures 31" x 22" x 21" (the size of large suitcase) and with the battery removed and carried separately, the 46-pound Elite can be pulled like a rolling suitcase or easily placed in the back of a full-size car. The Elite also disassembles quickly into three compact parts and will fit into most standard-size trunks.

In addition to its portability, the Elite offers a stable, comfortable ride, tight turning radius, non-marking tires, flip-up armrest and under-seat basket. As with all travel scooters, battery range depends on the weight of the driver, the terrain and the condition of the batteries, but averages about 8 miles. The batteries can be charged while connected to the scooter or can be removed and charged separately. Charging time is 6-8 hours.

The Elite is a great scooter for occasional use on short shopping trips or for those in need of a convenient second scooter. Because of its lightweight design however, the Elite is not the best option for daily use or rough/hilly terrain.

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