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Ev Rider Power Bike

Discontinued by Manufacturer
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The EV Rider Power Bike is a modern alternative transportation vehicle. This electric bike is clean and quiet, yet powerful enough to move a 225 pound person at a snappy 15.5 miles per hour. This versatile bike is at home on the street or in a warehouse facility where an internal combustion engine would be impractical. And don't forget, tooling around on this sporty two-wheeler is a lot of fun.

A compact electric bike makes a lot of sense as gas prices are climbing, and city parking is next to impossible. If you can ride a bike, you'll be right at home atop the EV Rider Power Bike.

*Permanent-magnet brushed DC motor.
*350w power.
*8V"" wheels.
*Rear wheel belt drive.
*5.25" ground clearance.
*Maximum speed 15 mph.
*Maximum driving range 13 miles.
*Charging time 4-6 hours.
*Capacity 225 Pounds.
*Battery included 7A/H 36v sealed lead acid.
*Charger included.
*Tool kit included.
*Assembly required.
*Please read safety instructions in the user manual before riding.
*FREE Ground Shipping � Comes with our Best Price Shopping Guarantee.

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