Evo 1000 Watt Electric Scooter - $505.00
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Evo 1000 Watt Electric Scooter

Discontinued by Manufacturer
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The Evo 1000w Electric Scooter Powerboard is a top-notch scooter capable of reaching speeds of up to 26 mph. Riders who truly appreciate speed will immediately fall for this scooter's top drawer features, which makes it one of the fastest electric scooters on the market today.

Puzey Motor Corp. pulled out all the stops and designed and built the Evo 1000w  with high quality, speed and reliability in mind, using only top of the line components that will have riders of lesser models shooting glares of envy at you as you ride the Evo 1000w down the street while visiting friends, running errands, heading for the local coffee shop, or just out and about for fun.

The Evo 1000w electric scooter's high capacity 1,000 watt brushless electric motor, which puts out a full one horsepower, is totally responsive to the rider's demands for speed, yet it also offers a rider an “Economy Mode” which can help conserve battery power and at the same time extend the scooter's normal 10 mile range.

Juice is provided by a well-designed, lightweight battery pack filled with three 12 volt, 12 amp cells, which provide a whopping 36 volts total to the engine. A Smart Charger comes included with the scooter, which can recharge a depleted battery pack in as little as 4-8 hours. It is so lightweight that a rider can easily carry a spare pack, to easily double the rider's range to 20 miles.

All that raw electric power is transferred to the rear wheel via a drive chain, through a fully automatic centrifugal clutch which translates to smooth starts and stops.

Steering is a dream, as the Evo 1000w's handlebars are totally responsive to the touch, and riders quickly find that steering around obstacles is no problem at all with this powerful scooter.

Braking is a breeze with front and rear disc brakes, which can bring the rider to a full stop with ease. The scooter has 10” pneumatic street tires, making it ideal for asphalt and cement surfaces.

The Evo 1000w clocks in at just 79 lbs. net weight, and it can carry an up to 265 lb. rider. What's more, it boasts a Posi-lock folding system that makes the scooter easy to lug around and store in small, out-of-the-way places.

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