Evo 800 Watt Electric Scooter - $609.00
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Evo 800 Watt Electric Scooter

Discontinued by Manufacturer
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The Evo Citi 800w Electric Scooter Powerboard from Puzey Motor Corporation is the Evo 1000w's younger brother. It's an 800-watt beast that can propel a rider forward at speeds up to 24 mph. Just climb aboard, grab the handlebars, and hold on as this stylish and affordable scooter raises the hairs on your arms.

Construction quality is the name of the game with the Evo Citi 800w. The electric scooter's high grade, twin tube steel frame is strong and durable, and sports quality welding throughout. This model will take a beating and come back begging for more.

The 800 watt electric motor on the Evo Citi 800w is of a high-grade brushless design, fed by a 36 volt battery pack filled with three 12 volt, 12 amp cells. Over one horsepower is delivered to the rear wheel via a reliable chain drive system, which can be adjusted as needed with one easy touch, all without having to realign the rear wheel, due to Puzey's exclusive “One-Touch Chain Tensioning System.”

The Evo Citi 800w was built with rider comfort in mind. The highly advanced front “Cam-Link” true mono-shock suspension system will absorb all shocks so that your arms won't feel hammered after a typical day's ride. That is complemented by the scooter's twin rear shock suspension system. The scooter truly is a high quality model that offers the rider a smooth and stable ride.

Riders can sit in complete comfort on the scooter's fully cushioned, quick release Ergo bicycle style seat, mounted on a fully adjustable post that can be easily removed for standing room only riding.

Super responsive steering is the name of the game due to the Rider handlebars, which gives the rider a more comfortable experience when either standing or sitting. The 11” pneumatic knobby front and rear tires, mounted on super strong custom forged aluminum alloy rims, offer a great ride on either asphalt or dirt. The tires are protected by front and rear fenders, which are painted with a very durable water resistant coating.

With a maximum range of 10 miles on a single charge, the Evo Citi 800w rider can easily carry a spare battery pack due to its light weight, doubling the scooter's range. The Evo Citi 800w can accommodate riders of up to 265 lbs., and clocks in at just 71 lbs. net weight. The Posi-lock folding system makes storage and transport a breeze.

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