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EVS Flux Roost Guard Youth Chest Protector

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Before designing the EVS FLUX Roost Protector we learned from the things riders didn't like about traditional protectors. They told us that they were too bulky, too uncomfortable, and most importantly, in a crash they moved out of place, or were already out of place just before the wreck.

The FLUX deals with ALL of those shortcomings and its innovative hi-tech features offer stay-in-place protection that moves WITH your body, not away from your body. The dual panel front and back sections recoil and rotate to follow your body's movements. The hinging shoulder protectors follow your arm movement in comfort. It is so comfortable that many riders wear it UNDER their jersey: the airflow is designed to keep you cool!

Made of high-impact-proof Lexan (polycarbonate) material
Height 4-5'2""
weight 55-90 lbs
One size fits most
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