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eZee Cadence E bike

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 The eZee Cadence ebike may be the smoothest and most comfortable of yhe eZee bike models. It accelerates quietly and quickly right up to the legal 20 mph limit -- and you won't have to pedal unless the hill is steep. On the Cadence you float on 2-½ wide balloon tires, comfortably seated on a Velo Cruiser 8033E saddle while the double crown front fork suspension smooth's all bumps. A sturdy motorcycle-type dual kickstand makes sure that it stays where you park it. The battery on the eZee Cadence can be charged on or off the bike. The lockable case removes with ease in seconds. A complete charge from empty to full takes under six hours, you can top off at any time- no memory problems. The eZee's are the lightest electric bikes in their category. The eZee Cadence weighs in at only 65 lbs with the NiMH and 67-1/2 lbs with the Lithium battery pack. Shifting gears is as simple as it gets. The internal Shimano 7-speed hub allows you to change gears without moving and it is virtually maintenance free. The Cadence cruiser is a great for numerous uses and rides, such as commutes and off-road riding on or around campgrounds and when RV-ing. 

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