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eZee Quando Electric Folding Bike

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Electric folding bikes like the eZee Quando are all the rage these days. We have customers riding their folders to work and store them under desks as well as planes, boats, car trunks and RVs. The eZee Quando was build to be as easy to use and low maintenance as possible. The Quando sports a one speed setup and easy removable battery pack and a 10 second folding sequence. At 51-1/2 lbs (Li-Ion) or 54 lbs for the NiMH, the eZee Quando is the lightest bike in this class. If portability, ease of use and amazing slope climbing is would you are looking the eZee Quando is your bike.


The Quando has a top-speed of 15 mph which is just right for its compact 20" wheels. The smaller wheels give this bike amazing torque and cause it to require absolutely no pedaling, even going up a steep hill. Larger wheel eZee bikes like the eZee Torq, Cadence and Sprint will travel faster but are less portable.


Quando by eZeebike is using the most cutting-edge battery and charger technology available. Our bikes have a choice of NiMH or Lithium-Ion battery sets. Lithium is the lighter battery pack and makes sense if you need your electric folding bike to be as portable as possible. If you only need to lift it into your sail boat then the NiMH will probably do fine, the battery packs are removable anyway.


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