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eZee Sprint Electric Bike

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The Sprint by eZeebikes is a very popular electric bike because of its versatile design. The easy step through design makes it a good match for a wide range of riders. If that bad knee of yours gets in the way and you can't swing over the back but still want to go out bike riding, the Sprint is your eBike. Either the eZee Torq or Cadence have this option as well.
Powered by an amazing 350 watt brushless motor you have the option to quit pedaling and let the electric motor pull you home once you get too tired to pedal. This motor will momentarily output as much as 700 watt if needed on take-off. All components used on the eZee Sprint are carefully selected to be of high quality, low maintenance and ease of use. Our eZee Sprint has been custom built with all the bells and whistles like lights, fenders and a rear rack. Those accessories can easily cost over $100 if purchased individually.

The Sprint comes with two battery choices; Li-Ion or NiMH. Li-Ion energy sets have more life cycles, 10% more range and are a few pounds lighter but the cost per mile comes out to about the same. eZeebike is the only US bike to offer UL approved Li-Ion battery and charger technology.Reflective sidewall tires, lights and fenders and a comfortable seat make this an efficient, affordable and fun to ride - all around electric bike.

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