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eZip Tri-Ride

Discontinued by Manufacturer
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The E-zip Tri-Ride is the ideal Electric Bicycle. It’s beloved by scooter enthusiasts of all ages and background for its convenience and novel design. This is an excellent vehicle for short distance community, whether it is to work, school, or the local grocery store. Older riders love the basket feature; it’s perfect for storing groceries. Students find this convenient as well, the basket is sturdy enough to contain all of those heavy books from the university. It also works perfectly for parcels and more.

 This is a very comfortable model, partly because of its upright position and power on demand with just a twist of the throttle. It makes getting around easy as pie. Low Step Thru Frame Design Makes simple to board and get off. This is excellent for people with joint problems or other issues with their mobility. This model also boasts a 36V12Ah 432Wh SLA Battery Pack for Improved Range and Motor efficiency. With a simple twist of the throttle the motor pushes effortlessly.

Riders merely need to “Twist and Go” with a small rolling start and a twist of the throttle the motor pushes easily. Twist more for greater speed, less for lower speed. This is a very user friendly and intuitive bike. A humble twist of the throttle and the bike goes. Cyclists must be moving to activate the throttle as there is a motion sensor in the front wheel to prevent accidentally starting.

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