Firmstrong 26" Women's Bella Classic Urban Cruiser Bicycle -
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Firmstrong 26" Women's Bella Classic Urban Cruiser Bicycle

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The 26” Women’s Bella Classic Urban Cruiser Bicycle is manufactured by the Firmstrong bicycle company. For those readers who are unfamiliar with categories of bicycle, a Cruiser Bike, or Beach cruiser as they are sometimes called, these vehicles commonly have balloon tires, single speed drive trains and an upright posture.

Beach Cruisers were extremely popular during the mid-1900s. There are many people who remember fondle when these were a common sight in suburban neighborhoods and beach sidewalks. Luckily, these retro-looking bikes are experiencing resurgence, especially among the college age crowd. Beach cruisers are known to be sturdy and have strong aesthetic appeal.

The Women’s Bella Classic is a particularly stylish Cruiser that boasts a wide assortment of unique features of quality including a super oversized 15.5” frame, Tig weld frame, a large fork, alloy rims, 4TT steel chain wheel, 18T steel gears, a saddle with a comfort-spring, reflectors, fenders, leather grips and a kick-stand.



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