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Fusion 450

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The Fusion 450 Mobility Scooter from Pacesaver is perhaps the best big & tall scooter on the market to date! This Mobility Scooter is rated for users up to 450 lbs (per the manufacturer), and has plenty of leg room. The Fusion 450 has 1 ¼ HP heavy-duty motor and large rear casters, which allow it to safely climb hills with inclines up to 12 degrees. The Fusion 450 has large batteries to give riders a 20 mile range, and a luxurious 21" wide seat so you'll be comfortable all day!

There are so many accessories available for this scooter, that it almost seems  custom built – just for you. Choose the Fusion 450 and you'll be riding a comfortable, high-quality, American made scooter (with a great warranty) that performs like no other!

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