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Go-Ped ESR750 Sport

Discontinued by Manufacturer
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The GoPed ESR750 Sport is a more compact version of the award winning Go-Ped ESR750 and Go-Ped ESR 750 EX. While smaller and lighter, it maintains the same fantastic performance and power characteristics of the other models. The GoPed ESR750 Sport is the clear choice for commuters. It folds down to a light and compact package that can be easily carried and stored. It fits neatly under a bus, train or ferry seat, and even under a shopping cart. The ESR750 Sport is perfectly tailored for electric scooter enthusiasts in need of top quality, reliable, noise and pollution free, portable, low cost, personal transportation. The ESR 750Sport shares many features with the other ESR models. It's powered by a 1000+ watt advanced technology GoPed electric motor that offers state-of-the-art performance and reliability. Thrilling acceleration, speeds up to 20 mph and outlandish hill climbing are par for the course with this unique gliding machine. The GoPed ESR750 Sport has a low center of gravity, stable ride and great maneuverability. It's highly durable, reliable and easy to maintain. Innovative and top quality features abound with the ESR750 Sport, like carefully designed ergonomic controls, a built-in smart charger and an ultra-modern programmable controller. The dual performance feature allows the rider choose an "Economy" or "Turbo" mode to go either "twice as far, half as fast", or "twice as fast, half as far". This gives you absolute control over your choice of speed and range. GoPed launched the motorized scooter craze nearly 20 years ago and has been designing the most high-end, innovative and refined scooting machines ever since. GoPed's are made in the USA and the company is world renown for its dedication to Go-Ped perfection.

Speed: 20 mph (turbo mode) / 12 mph (economy mode)
Range: 9+ miles (economy mode) / 6+ miles (turbo mode)
Motor: A 1000+ watt, 24V DC electric brush motor with aluminum "Electro Head" finned heat sink. A pulse width modulated advanced computerized variable speed and programmable controller. Low voltage battery protection, stall protection, motor overheat protection, peak amperage protection, and maximum speed protection. Fully sealed, dust and weather resistant.

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