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Go-Ped ESR750H Hoverboard Electric Scooter

Discontinued by Manufacturer
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After releasing their new LiFePO4 battery system, Go-Ped discontinued this model. Check out the new Go-Ped ESR70H w/ advanced LiFePO4 batteries!

The ESR750H Go-Ped Electric Scooter is a step up from the Go-Ped ESR750EX . Awesome acceleration, speeds up to 20 mph with a range of 8 miles (economy mode) / 5 miles (turbo mode) and unbeatable hill climbing are all in a day's work with this unique gliding machine.

The dual performance feature lets the rider chose an "Economy" or "Turbo" mode to go either "twice as far, half as fast", or "twice as fast, half as far". This gives you perfect control over your choice of speed and range. This new Go-ped brings it up a notch by incorporating the awesome Cantilevered Independent Dynamic Linkless Indespension (C.I.D.L.I.) suspension system. It's the same suspension system featured on Go-Ped’s popular off-road products like the Go-Ped Trail Ripper, Trail Ripper Quad, Go-Ped RIOT 29, and Go-Ped RIOT 46.

This advanced suspension system gives you unsurpassable comfort, riding and handling features on road or off. It’s also adjustable to provide either plush or sturdy support so you have the perfect balance to suit your needs.

This scooter is powered by a 1000+ watt advanced technology Go-Ped electric motor that offers out-of-this-world performance and reliability. It's very durable, dependable and easy to maintain. This Scooter has plenty of ground-breaking and high quality features: carefully designed ergonomic controls, powerful "Mad Dog" disc brakes, a built-in smart charger and an ultra-modern programmable controller. The ESR 750H's lines are simple yet stunning. The molded "motorcycle style" rear fender gives it a a stylish aerodynamic look. The fit-n-finish on this baby is impressive! It's handsomely engineered down the smallest detail and built using only the best components.

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I use the hoverboard every day. I used to have a schwinn, and Razor but they died after a few months. I have been using the Go-ped Hoverboard for 2 years without changing anything. I love my Go-Ped.

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