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Go-Ped Pro-Ped Scooter

Discontinued by Manufacturer
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At last, it's here! The first clean, green gas scooter has arrived. The GoPed Pro-Ped GSR Sport Scooter is powered by an astonishing, EPA award winning, four-stroke propane engine from LEHR. And at 21 mph with a range of 20 miles per 16,4 oz proprane canister, it's fast, too!

It’s especially clean burning, eco-friendly, hushed, and capable
Because it’s powered by propane, this scooter meets or exceeds all EPA and CARB emission minimums making it THE SINGLE gas scooter legal for sale in California.

The advantages of propane are much greater than gasoline. Propane canisters are easy to find at neighborhood hardware and camping stores and installing them is child's play: you just “Twist and Go!” No choking or priming is required to start the engine. Clogged carburetors, fouled spark plugs and the need for mixing fuel are not problems you will encounter with the Pro-Ped. The Pro-Ped’s LEHR engine won Popular Mechanics 2009 "10 Most Brilliant Products Breakthrough Award.” It produces 97% less particulates, and 96% less carcinogens than traditional four-stroke gas engines and it’s thousands of times cleaner than two-stroke models. The Go-Ped Pro-Ped is possibly as good for the environment as electric scooters and only a portion of the weight. Since 90% of American Propane is made in the U.S.A., this scooter even helps decrease our dependence on foreign oil!

The Go-Ped GSR Pro-Ped scooter is solid, extremely reliable and easy to maintain. The heavy duty aircraft quality steel frame supports up to 400 lbs. The wide, low riding platform gives a smooth and stable ride, a centrifugal clutch allows the scooter to idle and freewheel, and the scooter folds for easy transport and storage. The Go-Active™ rubber tires are solid which means no flats!

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