Hebb E-Bikes ElectroCruiser Suspension Bicycle -
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Hebb E-Bikes ElectroCruiser Suspension Bicycle

Discontinued by Manufacturer
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When Quality Counts Hebb delivers:
-Hebb delivers on power.
-Hebb delivers on quality finish.
-Hebb delivers sturdy built-in performance.
-Hebb delivers an array of safety features.

-Hebb delivers a 98% pre-assembled bike
- the pedals need to be added, handlebars adjusted and tightened and battery charged for 4 hours—then off you go.
-Hebb delivers a power-on-demand bike
- you can ride it like a motorcycle, pedal it like a bike, or do any combination of the modes with total control.

-Hebb keeps a fully licensed engineer at the factory to ensure the highest quality control.
-Hebb makes their own HAND WOUND motors - again to insure the highest quality control.
-Hebb bikes have a built-in self diagnostic system to make it easy to keep your bike in optimal condition.

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