Helix Racing Products Copper 2000 Lubricant, Part #177-21 -
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Helix Racing Products Copper 2000 Lubricant, Part #177-21

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Helix Racing Products Copper 2000 Lubricant Spray, 10.75 oz. Helix Copper 2000 is a brake plate and high temperature lubricant that provides effective lubrication up to 2000. This top quality copper based grease is perfect for brake and engine components. It lubricates for long life metal to metal contact in high-heat and high-moisture environments and prevents seizing, galling and corrosion of dissimilar metals. It is electrically conductive and highly resistant to wear. Can be used with brake backing plates, caliper pins, mechanical brake components, exhaust system nuts and bolts, valve cover and manifold bolts and spark plug threads. Use any place where water washout occurs, wheel studs and nuts, mounting bolts for struts, shocks and suspension parts. Spray Can. 10.75 oz. Effective up to 2000. High Temp Lubricant.

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