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Helix Racing Products Exhaust Screen, Part #177-38

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Helix Racing Products Stainless Steel Exhaust Screen. Stainless steel strands are interlaced together to form a two layer sheet that is crimped on two sides for simple insertion of muffler packing material. Sheets are cut to 12x18 to fit most mufflers/silencers. Helix Stainless Steel Exhaust Screen is used to enclose muffler packing in order to prevent it from blowing out. It also provides a more uniform exhaust flow by allowing the packing to absorb exhaust in a more even manner. Helix Exhaust Screens can be installed as insulation between the muffler core and packing or it ban be laced together on two sides to make a pillow type cartridge. Fine tuning your exhaust is made easier by being able to manipulate the amount of packing while making sure that it stays in place and is evenly distributed. Stainless Steel. Width: 12 inches. Length: 18 inches. Outer Diameter (stainless steel strands): 0.30mm (0.011 inches). Made in America.

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