Helix Racing Products Fiberglass Cloth Header Wrap, Part #177-11 -
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Helix Racing Products Fiberglass Cloth Header Wrap, Part #177-11

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Helix Racing Products Fiberglass Cloth Header Wrap. 2 Wide x 50 ft. Long. Helix Fiberglass Cloth Header Wrap with new Vermiculate infused formula 1,800 temperature rating. This fiberglass tape insulates exhaust pipes and maintains a higher temperature inside the pipes allowing all fuel to burn and create greater horsepower. To seal product from the elements and extend the life of the exhaust wrap, use Helix Very High Temp Exhaust System Paint. Step-By-Step Installation Instructions Step 1: Measure the length of exhaust tube from the exhaust port to the collector, for each bend add 8 to length. Step 2: Cut exhaust wrap. Step 3: Wrap material around tube starting at the end of the exhaust pipe and secure end of wrap with hose clamp or stainless steel cable tie. Wrap tightly with approx. 1/4-3/8 overlap. Racer Information: Because the carburetor is receiving additional vacuum, stepping down 1 to 2 steps in the secondary and primary jets may be necessary. Read plugs and adjust accordingly. Width: 2 inches. 50 Ft. Roll.1, 800 Degrees Fahrenheit Temperature Rating.

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