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Invacare Pronto Air PT Personal Transporter

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The Invacare Pronto Air Personal Transporter redefines pure mobility with lush, contoured Invacare MyBody Seating that makes the ride experience remarkable and subtle. Combining Invacare's pressure relieving immersion foam and breathable mesh upholstery, MyBody seating instantly contours and supports the drivers' primary pressure points. In-line motor technology emphasizes travel range and allows for a smaller chassis construction. Two large 17 Amp Hour batteries power the Personal Transporter's sleek new 12" drive wheel, which transitions outdoor terrain with smooth, consistent performance.

The Personal Transporter allows you the freedom to travel without expensive additional equipment to transport. Most mid-size and larger automobile trunks will easily accommodate the Pronto Air PT. No pure mobility product is easier to operate, combining intuitive controls and top-of-the-line electronics This is a new breed of pure mobility. It's not a power wheelchair. It's a personal transporter. It's the Invacare Pronto Air Personal Transporter.


  • Lush, contoured Invacare® MyBody Seating
  • Ergonomic, modular armpads for natural rest and activity
  • Sleek 12" Drive Wheels with 4.5 mph top speed
  • Intuitive driver controls
  • Travel-ready design


  • One Invacare Pronto Air PT Personal Transporter
  • Free Shipping
  • Batteries and Charger
  • Warranty: Base Frame And Seat Frame 5 Years, Motors & Electronics 1 Year, Batteries, 6 Months
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