IO Hawk Hoverboard Two Wheeled Personal Transporter - $295.00
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IO Hawk Hoverboard Two Wheeled Personal Transporter

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IO Hawk is one of the biggest players in the worldwide Hoverboard revolution; their products have been featured on CNN, NBC, ABC, Fox, the Discovery Channel, SYFY, they’ve been written about in USA today and featured in many more widely read publications.
The IO Hawk Hoverboard looks much like a sideways skateboard or a Segway without handles. The built-in gyroscopic controls and self-balancing technology read your body movements, allowing you to control the hoverboard more easily than you think. This two-wheeled self-balancing electric scooter reaches a maximum speed of 6.2 mph and travels for about 12 miles before it needs to be recharged. Two 7 inch non-pneumatic, hollow tires sit on either side of the split deck. It's powered by a lithium Ion battery (36 volt, 4.4 ah) that takes 2 - 3 hours to fully charge. Ride load capacity is 45 lbs minimum to a maximum of 280 lbs. The eye-catching coolness of the futuristic LED taillights can not be ignored.
Riding the IO Hawk is easier than it looks. You simply lean forward to move forward. The further forward you lean, the faster you go. To stop you reel back your lean. You can turn the hoverboard on a dime by simply tilting one foot. The greater the tilt, the more extreme the turn. It has a zero range turn radius so 360 degree spins and all kinds of tricks are possible. 
When you unbox the IO Hawk you'll find a battery charger and a remote control that lets you calibrate it, lock it, unlock it and enable “Beginner Mode” as well. The IO Hawk personal transporter comes in a variety of colors, including yellow, blue, red, black and white.
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