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IZIP E3 Zuma Women's Bike

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The IZIP E3 Zuma Women's Bike is a fantastic Electric Bike, perfect for all your commuting or short-distance needs. This type of bike is perfect for meeting all of your short-distance transportation needs like running errands or commuting to work. If you are a student, they are great for getting around campus. One of the best things about Electric Bikes is that they are very versatile.


If you feel like getting some exercise, you can just pedal. If you find yourself getting tired, just go electric! This Electric Bike is a blast to ride and extremely comfortable - equipped with a plush Velo suspension comfort saddle and leather grips, stable balloon tires with puncture resistant inner tubes and sure-stopping disc brakes both front and rear. The IZIP E3 Zuma is also loaded with plenty of awesome features. It boasts 500 Watts of "Power on Demand" in a retro styled package. And top quality machinery from head to toe.


This Electric Bicycle provides Old-school straightforwardness paired up with contemporary eBike technology and design for relaxed good times and a super-comfortable, laid-back ride. The IZIP E3Zuma is an up to date interpretation of the tried and true formula of everything that makes riding a cruiser great, together with simplicity. It also possesses a powerful, high-tech, 36V / 500 Watt hub motor, paired with our proprietary PAS/TAG system that puts you in complete control at all times.

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