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Kent Purple Super 14" Scooter

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The Kent's Super Scooter is strong and dependable  enough for both children and parents alike. Kent's Super Scooter posesses plenty of enjoyment and fun rides around the park and neighborhood with no destination required.

This Kick Scooter features 14-inch inflatable tires for a rugged and smooth ride that can handle a plenty of different surfaces and terrians. It is equipped with real brakes--bicycle sidepulls, not just a difficult and clumsy plate to step on and rub against the wheel--riders can come to a complete stop fast and easy when needed.
This sophisticated piece of machinery boasts real handlebars, a bicycle stem, spoked wheels, and a steel frame to create a sturdy vehicle. It weighs approximately 18 lbs, has a total handlebar height of 35.5 inches, and measures 46.5 inches long. Other features include 14" inflatable tires, a fully welded steel frame, bicycle siepull brake  and spoked wheels. Per the manufacturer the maximum weight Capacity is 125 Lbs. 
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