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Kent Super Push Scooter

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The Kent Super Scooter is built to have a stylush retro feel.  Do you recall how awesome these were when WE were kids? Well, you never outgrow excellence.  You and you children can enjoy this Push Scooter the way you used to; it's sturdy enough for both kids and adults.  It's  large 12-inch wheels can roll over much more than the rollerblade wheels on those old-fashioned scooters - no more screeching to a halt at the mere sight of gravel or small stones. The pneumatic tires  that come with the Kent Super Scooter will give you a much smoother ride. The Super Scooter is also equipped with REAL BRAKES - bicycle sidepulls, not just some awkward plate to step on and rub against the wheel, causing flat spots and offering weak slowing power at best! This bad boy s built like a bicycle, not a toy. Real handlebars, a real bicycle stem, spoked wheels and a steel frame all add up to a sturdy, dependable and enjoyable vehicle. And how stylish is that two-tone fade paint job? Looks like a chopper Merc lowrider! Hours of fun, sturdy construction, and cool looking - what more can you ask for?

Features include a durable high tensile steel frame, huge 12-inch inflatable tires for a smooth and fast ride on any surface, front and rear side pull brake for safe and easy stopping, a lightweight design, (weighs only 18-pounds), and a handlebar height  of 35.5 inches (max.) : 35.5", length: 46.5". 
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