Kickbike City G4 - $299.00
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Kickbike City G4

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The Kickbike City G4, is an upgraded verion of Kickbike America's most popular model the wildly succefful City Cruiser. The G4 is more focused to target the casual rider's needs, their way of kicking, and size.

It is smaller and more agile with a more upright "cruising" position due to an extended neck to avoid uncomfortable bending over. This model fits ladies and "small" people perfectly, yet the kicking position is comfortable and upright for tall people as well. Priced very reasonably in this tough economy.

This Kickbike is well suited for short distance commuting. It's perfect for getting to work, the school campus of running errands. The front basket is great for groceries. Kick Bikes are also an excellent way to stay in shape. According to the Company, when using their product you use “the same muscles as running, yet is lower impact. In fact, a Kickbike workout uses even more muscles than running.”Perhaps the best way to use the City G4, is good old fashioned fun.  

  • Weight (lbs) : 10 - 25
  • # of Wheels : Two
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