Micro Flex Scooter - $175.99
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Micro Flex Scooter

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If you want a scooter for commuting or just to have the coolest looking micro around, the Micro Flex Scooter is the scooter for you! Micro Flex Scooter has a flex deck out of a fiberglass wood combination that offers Flex and Support and is the ultimate commuter scooter, in a class of its own. Due to the modular way of construction it may be changed to a shorter or longer deck. It has an Adjustable Height handlebar and Padded hand Grips. The Micro Scooter Flex is equipped with 145mm wheels and ABEC 5 Precision Bearings. Patented Safe Folding System. The fiberglass deck gives the scooter a great ride, absorbs all the bumps in the road but still the scooter is stable at any speed.

  • Weight (lbs) : 10 - 25
  • # of Wheels : Two
  • Carry Limit (lbs) : 201 - 250
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