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Micro Rocket Scooter

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Need Parts? Find Micro Rocket kickboard parts.

Micro Rocket Scooter is an eye catcher with 120MM fat wheels for better balance and better grip on the road. It carries up to 220 lbs, making it a great scooter for both adults and kids ages 8+. Micro’s unique extra-wide wheels offer improved grip on the road and better stability. The larger wheels also give you increased confidence and control. The handlebar height is adjustable up to 35 inches from the deck. This makes it ideal for short-to-medium tall kids and adults.

The Rocket has a patented double-button folding system. It’s simple to fold and unfold, making it easy to store and convenient to carry. The patented 2-way kickstand allows the scooter to stand upright all by itself. This scooter is designed for normal cruising, not for jumps or stunts.

This kick scooter comes 100% assembled. Enjoy the exceptional Swiss design of the Micro Rocket and you’ll discover a quality ride.

  • Weight (lbs) : 9 or less
  • # of Wheels : Three
  • Carry Limit (lbs) : 201 - 250
  • Age Range (yrs) : 7 - 9
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