Montague Paratrooper Folding Bike - $895.00
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Montague Paratrooper Folding Bike

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Strong as a tank, light as a daypack. Built for military use, available to civilians.

To date, the military bike has not been available outside of the DARPA development circle. Now, due to an overwhelming demand from hunters, smoke-jumpers, parachutists, and many other guys that enjoy getting off-the-beaten-track, Montague has decided to manufacture the original Military Bike in the form of the "Paratrooper" for civilian use.

The Mission: Desert stealth mobility. The Challenge: Develop ground mobility that is tough enough to drop from a plane; durable enough to traverse any terrain, move at high speeds and require minimal maintenance; easy enough to fold into a portable size yet agile enough to unfold in seconds.

The Result: The Paratrooper. The News: Now available for civilian use.

Full-size, rugged mountain bike deployable on almost any terrain.
A stealth/minimal signature that is second only to a walking soldier.
Off body load bearing = transport of increased loads = lesser reliance on resupply.
Up to 75 miles daily range with low/no logistic support necessary.
Folds to 36" x 30" x 12 in under thirty seconds without the use of tools.
Easy to transport, you can take this bike anywhere you can even jump with it!
Low initial cost with little to no maintenance required.
Front disk brakes give rapid and stronger braking power.
Equipped with industry standard wheels and components serviceable at any bike shop.

  • Weight (lbs) : 26 - 50
  • # of Wheels : Two
  • Wheel Size (in) : 26”
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