MotoBatt 12v Battery Charger, Part #210-27 -
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MotoBatt 12v Battery Charger, Part #210-27

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MotoBatt 12V, 1.25A Big Boy Charger & Maintainer with 9 Stage Charging and Maintenance process. 9 Stage Charging and Maintenance Process: Qualification Phase: ensures battery is in good condition (will not begin if battery is below 2.0 volts) Battery Rescue Phase: used if voltage has risen unusually high due to plate sulfation Soft Start Phase: used if charger detects very low initial stage of charge Pulse Mode Phase: high frequency pulse charge, helps newly recovered battery to accept charge as it enters next phase Recondition Phase: works the battery at a slightly higher voltage/amperage to re-activate the battery plates for improved depth of charge & charge acceptance Bulk Charge Phase: constant current, takes battery to 80% charge capacity Absorption Phase: constant voltage, reduced current takes battery to 100% Check Phase: checks battery to make sure it holds charge properly Maintenance Phase: battery can be left safely on charger indefinitely, unit maintains battery at full state of readiness This battery charger & maintainer comes with a 5 year limited warranty from time of purchase. Voltage: 12V. Amperage: 1.25Ah. 9 Step Charging & Maintenance Process. Includes Interchangeable Ring Terminal or Alligator Clip Cable Assemblies. 5 Year Limited Warranty. This is for 110/115 Volt USA Current only.

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