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MotoTec 100w Street Electric Skateboard

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The MotoTec 100w Street Electric Skateboard is the smallest and lightest model offered by MotoTec. It’s an entry level eBoard made for lightweight riders.

You’ll see speeds up to 10mph for 10 miles on the MotoTec 100w. Three speed settings let you limit the top speed for safety. An interference-free handheld wireless remote lets you control speed and the anti-lock breaking system. When riding MotoTec electric boards, you’re always in control.

MotoTec’s cutting edge skateboards are manufactured with high-quality, reliable materials. The decks are made of real 12 ply wood. The trucks and bushings are specially designed to fit the board.

If you’re new to the world of electric skateboarding, this is the perfect board to cruise the neighborhood. If you've been around the block a few times, check out the MotoTec 400w, 600w, and 1600w Dirt Electric Skateboard.

Specifications• Speed: 10 mph
• Range: 10 miles
• Motor: 100 watt
• Frame: 12 ply maple deck
• Drive System & Gearing: Belt Drive, Auto Power Shut Off safety feature
• Battery: 12v, 9ah sealed lead acid battery.
• Charge Time: 3 - 5 Hours
• Brakes: Braking controlled through wireless controller
• Dimensions:
Length: 30”
Width: 11"
Height: 6"
• Carrying Capacity: 130 lbs
• Tires: Specially Designed Trucks and Bushings
• Warranty: 30-Day Manufacturer’s Warranty

Standard Features• Adjustable Speed Settings (Low, Medium, High)
• Interference-free wireless controller (Forward, Neutral, Brake)
• LED Battery Meter
• Box Size & Weight: 32x12x8 inches, 20 lbs.

Additional Info• is an Authorized MotoTec Dealer in business since 2002.
• Some simple assembly required.
• The 100w power rating allows for travel on flat surfaces, but not inclines or hills.
• Speed and range specs are maximum ratings under ideal conditions, i.e. light weight rider (relative to carrying capacity), good terrain (solid, flat, smooth & dry), etc. Less than ideal conditions will reduce speed and range.

  • Speed (mph) : 10 - 14
  • Range (miles) : 10 - 14
  • Motor (watts) : 801 - 1000w
  • Weight (lbs) : 10 - 25
  • # of Wheels : Four
  • Carry Limit (lbs) : 101 - 150
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