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MotoTec Electric Trike 48v 500w

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The MotoTec 500w Electric Trike Personal Transporter is a step up from the 350w MotoTec model. This scooter adds 150w of power and an extra battery to the mix. The two upgrades combined boost the trikes speed from 15+mph to 20+mph without sacrificing range. In addition, the rear tires are more than double the size of the 350w. The larger tires handle bumps better and give you a smoother ride. Think of this scooter as a less pricey alternative to the Segway, but with a bonus wheel and seat for added stability and comfort.

Furthermore, the MotoTec 500w Electric Trike is packed with all the cool features found on the 350w model, like a removable seat, ability to climb 10-degree inclines, keyed ignition, folding handlebars, a front-facing LED head light, mudguards, and a battery meter.

The Mototec series of Electric Trikes is a favorite among active seniors and disabled folks. They’re for anyone too cool for a mobility scooter that needs help walking long distances and a third wheel for balance.

For those who settle for nothing but the very best, check out MotoTec’s top-of-the-line 800w electric trike.

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• Speed: 20+ mph
• Range: 20 - 25 miles
• Motor: 500-watt brushless front hub motor.
• Frame: High-quality strength steel frame with durable ABS plastic body.
• Drive System: A twist throttle activates the motor.
• Battery: Four 12v, 12ah SLA (sealed lead acid) batteries. 48v system. Over 300 charge cycles.
• Charge Time: 4 - 8 hours.
• Brakes: Front drum braking system.
• Dimensions: Length 41"
                          Height 50"
                          Width 28"
• Weight: 93 lbs.
• Carrying Capacity: 240 lbs.
• Tires: Top quality air-filled pneumatic street tires. A 16" tall x 2.125" wide front tire and two 9" rear tires.
• Warranty: 30-day manufacturer’s warranty and LIFETIME technical support!

Standard Features:
• Folding handlebars for easy storage and transport.
• A wide, comfortable seat. The seat can be installed or left off for stand-up riding.
• A small wheel in-between the 9" rear wheels for added safety and stability.
• Smart battery charger.
• Keyed ignition.
• Battery level indicator.
• LED headlight.
• Mudguards.
• Carrying basket.

Additional Info:
• is an Authorized MotoTec Dealer in business since 2002.
• Some assembly required.
• This is an electric trike. It doesn’t meet the legal requirements of a mobility scooter.
• Speed and range specs are maximum ratings under ideal conditions, i.e. light weight rider (relative to carrying capacity), good terrain (solid, flat, smooth & dry), etc. Less than ideal conditions will reduce speed, range and climbing ability.
• Free t-shirt shipped separately (4 - 6 weeks after purchase).

  • Speed (mph) : 20 - 24
  • Range (miles) : 25 - 29
  • Motor (watts) : 401 - 600w
  • Weight (lbs) : 76 - 100
  • # of Wheels : Two
  • Carry Limit (lbs) : 201 - 250
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