MotoTec Wheelman V2 1000w Electric Skateboard -
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MotoTec Wheelman V2 1000w Electric Skateboard

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The highly anticipated and long awaited MotoTec Wheelman Version 2 is finally here! Through state-of-the-art design and manufacturing techniques, the new generation of Wheelman have taken a technological leap forward! Now available in Gas and Electric versions.

What is the Wheelman?
The Wheelman is a center mounted engine and frame vehicle, supported at each end by a spokeless wheel into which your feet can be inserted while standing upright. The Wheelman has a 36 volt motor with a Lithium battery pack for more power and less weight giving you a run time of over one hour or 20+ miles and speeds of 20 mph and up. The Wheelman is also known as:  Bushpig, G-Wheel, Xcite Bike and G-Motion. It was named one of Time Magazine's "Best Inventions of the Year in November, 2002" The Wheelman has also been featured on television shows like: The NBC Today Show, Ripleys Believe It Or Not, Livin Large and X-Corps TV.

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