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Nirve Switchblade Custom Chopper Men's Crusier Bike

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At Nirve old fashion pride in workmanship is the driving force behind the design of each premium handmade bicycle. That is why Nirve bicycles are the first choice of discerning customers world-wide. The Nirve Logo means original frame designs, striking graphics, brilliant colors, superior comfort, quality construction and quality materials. Each Nirve bicycle that will carry you in style for years to come.

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My wife and I are 65 and wanted to get back into casual bicycling. We have researched high and low, ( crank forwards, recumbants, etc etc) and have not been able to find the right bike. While walking main street Winter garden Florida last weekend we stopped to look at bikes outside The Winter Garden Wheel Works Store. There I spotted The Nerve Switchblade Chopper bike. It was the metallic Gold Color. I told my wife I was coming back the following week and test ride it. The test ride happened today, and I must say what a pleasant riding experience I had. The saddle is an extra wide comfort saddle that sits low alowing you to comfortably place your feet on the round. The handlebar is placed at a comfortable level and when you are ready to start peddaling the pedals are out in front of you at a comfortable height. (We had not experienced this on other bikes and my wife was turned off to them, as she has trouble lifting her feet too high.) After a 15 min ride, runing thru the 3-speed shifter and experiencing some streets on a slight incline, I was convinced this is the Bike for me. About 30 min later my Nerve Chopper was in the back of my Toyota Venza and I was on my way back to my daughters place where we spend our winters. Upon arrival home my wife was surprised to see the bike and was impressed with the look and color. Now comes the best part, I immediately lowered the bike seat all the way down and had my wife sit on it. She was a little hesitant but once she got seated and placed her hands on the handlebars she remarked how comfortable she sat. The next thing I know she has her foot on the pedals and is riding the bike. This was something she has not been able to do comfortably and confidently with other bikes. I am not gonna say this bike is for all "babyboomers" but it sure is for these two.

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