Original Bike Spirits Carb Cleaner, Part #172-153 -
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Original Bike Spirits Carb Cleaner, Part #172-153

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Original Carb Cleaner is a powerful combination of concentrated solvents specially formulated to remove dirt, gum and varnish deposits that tend to build up on the moving and sealing surfaces of engine carburetors, chokes, throttle bodies and linkages. Quickly and easily restore the new cycle feel and engine response without taking the carburetor off the engine. No lead or silicone. Will not harm oxygen sensors, catalytic converters or fuel injectors. FOR GASOLINE ENGINES ONLY 12 oz. Aerosol Spray Can. FOR GASOLINE ENGINES ONLY. Cleans Carb Choke & Throttle Bodies. High Pressure Blast Spray. Eliminates Stalling & Rough Idling. Cleans Inside & Out. 50-State VOC Compliant.

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