Original Bike Spirits Cycle Wash, Part #172-152 -
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Original Bike Spirits Cycle Wash, Part #172-152

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Original Bike Spirits Cycle Wash/Degreaser (18 oz.) is formulated to easily clean your scooter or motorcycle. CycleWash contains special water-based detergents that work on both petroleum and non-petroleum based soils. Powerful surfactants clean paint, chrome, alloy, plastic and rubber with little or no scrubbing required. CycleWash will not damage plastic or rubber like some solvent based cleaners can, and when used as directed, it is safe for clear coat paint, plastic, rubber and alloy wheels. 18 oz. Aerosol Spray Can. Easily Cleans with Little or No Scrubbing. Cleans Entire Scooter in Minutes. Removes Road Grime Grease & Oil. Cleans Tires & Wheels. Leaves No Residue. Simply Spray On Wipe Off & Rinse.

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